Invest better by live monitoring your cryptocurrency trade profits

Grip shows you how much your portfolio is making, and taps you into other portfolio data to help you make strategic investment decisions.

Live profit updates on 1000+ assets

Most cryptocurrency with live price updates, over 170 exchanges supported.

Desktop browser in beta with apps on the way

Currently live is the desktop version, just register and login to use. The apps will follow soon, follow progress and see what's being built on the development roadmap.

Grip shows you profits and losses for each of your cryptocurrency trades

Currently in beta stage

Made with love and purpose by and for an one man, who's an investor, miner and community follower, to manage growing crypto assets.

You can currently use Grip on your desktop to track and monitor your assets, with added extras that really do help you to see ideal times to buy and sell.

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Why I built Grip?

Better P&L management

Portfolio profit and loss accounts on each trade or asset.

Instant profit data

To get instant profit data to better assesss your timings.

Multiple dashboards

One easy to use app and multi views that cover every angle.

It's one of my top 5 apps and one I cannot keep my eyes away from, addictive and intriguing to know how much my portfolio is making.
Jess Franklin Cointelli
Want to use Grip? Regular accounts are free :)

At the moment free regular accounts are available to the public, just click the button to being registration. Paid subscriptions are planned as the application progresses with added premium features for cryptocurrency traders.


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